Events and Promotions

“I know how hard the BID has worked to provide top quality events in our town. My customers rave about the pop-up park every year. It’s a real team effort.
We work closely with the BID to coordinate the activities, and the BID team provide guidance,
advice and on the ground support.”

Katarina Tutt


Events and Promotions

You have told us how you’d like to develop more events in the town centre, whilst also being able to promote your own business to new audiences.

Your Eastbourne BID will proudly shout about your business and introduce more events to bring new footfall and customers to the town…

Your Eastbourne BID has:

Launched “Love Local Shop Local” and profiled over 75 businesses across the town centre with an annual social media reach of over 148,000

Organised businesses to be profiled in the Eastbourne Herald and Bourne Free publications

Delivered an annual Christmas magazine which has profiled over 150 individual businesses over four years

Our events have attracted a footfall of over 250,000 additional visitors and have included:

Funding the annual Little Chelsea Christmas event

Bringing an ice rink to the town centre over three years, with 50% of the attendees coming from out of town

Coordinating activities in the town centre to coincide with major events such as carnival, tennis and airbourne

Running a spend competition over Christmas, encouraging customers to shop local

Organising the towns Jubilee celebrations

Developing an annual Youth Market in the town centre

Establishing the Pop-Up Park in Victoria Place

Commissioning the Elmer Art Parade to coincide with the Turner Prize celebrations as well as half term, World Book Day and the Easter Holidays.

What a YES vote would mean for you:

Promoting Your Business

We will provide dedicated support to promoting your business via our social media network, BourneFree and the Eastbourne Herald

We will target audiences from outside Eastbourne, and shout about why it is the best place to visit

We will dedicate destination signs around the town to direct customers to you


We will continue to provide seed funding and work with you to organise additional events to take place which increase footfall – like the Pop-Up Park, Festive Fun and Fireworks and Elmer Art Parade

Cultural Destination

We will work with the Towner, tennis and theatres to showcase events in the town centre and increase dwell time for visitors and residents


Over 52% of respondents stated that they spent more money over Christmas as a result of the BIDs activities than they had expected