Safe and Secure

“We know that anti-social behaviour and crime is on the increase in towns in the UK. However, Lewis and Scott, the BID ambassadors, are always available to help and support our team. Their knowledge on the ground and support for businesses is invaluable if we want a safe town for our customers.”

Jon Tompsett


Safe and Secure

You want your customers to feel safe when visiting the town centre. We also know that nationally, business crime is at the highest level it has ever been, with shoplifting and anti-social behaviour on the increase.

Your Eastbourne BID will continue to provide intel, security and new ideas to tackle these issues…

Your Eastbourne BID has:

Provided a dedicated ambassadorial service to the town which has resulted in:

Over 4,000 security call outs from BID businesses to deal with known offenders

Over £20,000 of recovered stock

More than 50 arrests

More than 50 first aid incidences

Lobbied to increase police patrols during key trading periods including the summer and Christmas periods

Played an active role in the Business Crime Partnership, attending meetings and setting up a town centre reporting group to quickly identify hotspots of anti-social behaviour and required street repairs

Joined the Police Crime Commissioner Panel for Business Crime

Chaired the Homeless and Street Community Operations meetings, providing extra vigilance to known crime spots in the town

Co-funded the business crime wardens for an additional year when a funder withdrew their support. We have now recruited a second ambassador to make up for the withdrawal of the Business Warden Scheme by the Police and Crime Commissioner. This will double the security cover dedicated to the BID area, and avoid wardens being called away to other areas

Installed 6 new CCTV cameras in Cornfield Road, Terminus Road and Langney Road with instant access for the Police, which have been used as evidence in Court

Gathered evidence of business crime and provided statements to the Police for prosecutions and banning orders

Supported businesses with crime prevention advice

Launched the “Positive Giving Model” in Eastbourne which encourages people to give to specialist homeless charities rather than individuals – deterring begging in the town centre

Provided funding for the weekend homelessness shelter, taking members of the street community out of the town centre into a safe and supported environment

What a YES vote would mean for you:

Street Ambassadorial Reporting

We will provide two full-time street ambassadors. Whilst providing a welcoming face for the town and it’s visitors, they will also liaise with you to ensure any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible alongside targeting known shoplifters and perpetrators of business crime

Tackling Business Crime

We will provide a monthly meeting in the town centre to provide essential crime prevention information

We will continue to play an active role in the Business Crime Reduction Partnership, and work with partners to strengthen the important work of this organisation

Fresh Start Eastbourne – Positive Giving

We will continue to expand the “Positive Giving Model” in Eastbourne by supporting Fresh Start Eastbourne. This Community Interest Company, launched in May this year by the BID, raises money from the public to grant funds to charities working to prevent poverty. It has proven to reduce begging in places like Bristol, London and Bath.

Additional CCTV

We will provide additional CCTV to target areas where there is a spike in crime and anti-social behaviour and provide regular reporting to the police and local authorities