About the BID

About BIDs

A Business Improvement District is a business-led and business-funded body formed to improve a defined area. In total, there are over 330 BIDs in the UK.

In Eastbourne the BID is funded by a levy of 1.5% on each business in the defined area (see page 24) with a rateable value of £6,000 or more.

The BID would represent 678 businesses, covering all sectors and generating an income of £300,000 every year – to be spent on providing services, support and opportunities as decided by you.

The Board represents all sectors and areas of the BID and funding can only be spent in the BID area.

Your BID attracts additional funding raised through grants and sponsorship, making our money work harder.

BIDs are not a replacement for the local authority and police services but provide additional resources. Which is why we have a baseline agreement with
the Council.

It’s important to remember as well that whilst it is independent of the local Councils, both Eastbourne Borough Council and East Sussex County Council pay into the levy as well, due to both having properties within the BID area!


Listening to You

Since the BID was launched, we have conducted surveys, met businesses individually, held consultations and organised traders’ meetings to serve you.

This has resulted in a range of initiatives bringing new events such as pop-up parks, CCTV, evening lighting and new planters.

Your ideas and opinions have defined us.

Since September 2023, we have:

Sent a QR code linking to an online survey along with our annual billing to all BID businesses

Launched and promoted an online survey

Organised three group consultation meetings (20/02/2024, 22/02/2024 and 04/03/20244)

Held weekly drop-in clinics at our offices

Met face to face with businesses in 1-2-1’s to discuss priorities

This plan is a result of the extensive feedback we have gained from you, the BID business community. You’ve told us your priorities:

Colour and Cleanliness – with attractive lighting, planters, signage and vinyls to ensure the town centre always looks colourful and welcoming

Events and Promotions – to attract shoppers and visitors to the town, increase dwell time and promote your business

Safe and Secure – focusing on tackling business crime, improve security and manage the street community

Lobbying – to make sure your voice is heard at all levels to improve Eastbourne and increasing investment in our town

What if There’s

BIDs are developed by businesses, to respond to businesses needs. Whilst they do not replace statutory services of the Council and Police, if there is no BID, then all the work we have done over the last five years will all end on 3rd September 2024.

There is no alternative and without a BID these activities would cease. Meaning:

Just like in other towns – Christmas lights and events would be cancelled…

There would be no free promotion in publications like the Christmas magazine, online newsletter, print, radio, TV and social media. Our current social media following would be lost…

There would be no funding or expertise for new events to increase footfall – so events like the Pop-Up Park, Elmer Art Parade and Tennis in the Town would not happen…

There would be no funding for security in the town centre – the people on the ground who know who to watch for and our CCTV would be turned off. Doorways in empty units will be left to attract anti-social behaviour…

Planters would not be replaced, bunting would be removed and evening lighting would be turned off, leading to a bland, colourless town centre…

Vote YES – and work with us to make
Your Eastbourne

” The BID is the only organisation that is dedicated to support, work and improve the town centre for businesses. The high street is under threat, and without the BID the challenges it faces could overwhelm us. If we lose Luke, Stephen, Lewis and Scott – and the expertise of Directors – then we lose our strongest champions.”

Cathy Sandwell

Profile Hair and Beauty

The BID Directors and Team

Your Eastbourne BID Board of Directors give their time and expertise freely.
For the second term of Your Eastbourne BID the Board will continue where possible to have representation across the BID area and business type.

BID Directorship is open to all levy payers of the BID. So let us know if you’d like to get more involved.

Chair of the
BID Board

Shoes Simes
The Eagle and
Dew Drop Inn


Carl Bird
Tall Guy Coffee Co.

Nick Ducatel
Eastbourne Borough Council

Christina Ewbank
Eastbourne unLtd Chamber of Commerce

Aleksandra Gatta

Simon Groves
PRG Marketing Communications

Denise Harwood
Enterprise Shopping Centre

Paul Hill
Complete Financial Planning

Lucy King
Eastbourne Framing Centre

Ian Lucas

Tom Meggison
Metro Bank

Mark Powell
The Beacon

Ashley Pugh

Phil Simpson

The Office

Stephen Holt
Chief Executive

Luke Johnson
Operations Manager

Lewis Bridger

Scott Kennedy

Your BID Area

Roads within the BID area

Bath Road

Blackwater Road

Bolton Road

Calverley Road

Calverley Walk

Camden Road

Chiswick Place

Commercial Road

Cornfield Lane

Cornfield Road

Cornfield Terrace

College Road

Compton Street

Connaught Road

Furness Road

Gildredge Road

Grand Parade

Grange Road

Grove Road

Hardwick Road

Hyde Gardens

Hyde Road

Ivy Terrace

Langney Road

Lismore Road

Lushington Road

Lushington Lane

Mark Lane

South Street

Spencer Road

Station Parade

Station Street

St Leonards Road

Stables Lane

Terminus Road

The Avenue

The Beacon

Trinity Trees

Trinity Place

West Street

West Terrace

Wharf Road

Wish Road

York Road