How to Vote for the BID

For more information on how to vote contact:

Stephen Holt

Chief Executive

How to say YES

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to vote for Your Eastbourne BID

1. You should receive one ballot paper for each property that you are eligible to vote for by post.

2. If you do not receive your ballot paper, or need a replacement paper – please email [email protected]

3. Please check the ballot paper has its own return envelope

4. Complete the ballot paper by putting a cross (X) beside your choice to continue Your Eastbourne BID for a further five years or not

5. In block capitals, write your name and position in your business and sign your ballot paper

6. Each ballot paper must be returned in its own separate envelope

7. Return your completed ballot paper(s) by post, in the pre-paid envelope provided

8. Or you can drop your completed ballot paper (in their envelopes) to the Town Hall at Grove Road

9. The Ballot will run from Thursday 27th June 2024 and close 5pm on Thursday 25th July 2024